Wedding Videography – Must or Maybe? 

Alright! Let’s be honest, wedding expenses BURN a hole (a big one) in your pocket. You’re trying to save as much money as you can, well unless you are a Kardashian or a Prince. 

While you might save some on the food, a bit on the venue and the decor, even some on the DJ (droppin it like it’s HOT) and maybe compromise on your beautiful dress (doubt so!) ……but don’t you dare try to save up on the videographer. Absolutely not!

Because after all is said and done, the videos will be the only memories (with motion and sound) to capture the ‘I dos’, the touching toasts, the first dance or replaying it at your future wedding anniversary.

So, here’s 5 reasons why hiring a wedding videographer is not a maybe but rather a MUST. 

First kiss as husband and wife

1. No second chances! 

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.
— Unknown

People are blessed with a wedding once in a lifetime (most of us) and you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to not being able to capture all the moments from the day. Your wedding day will be over before you know it, but a good wedding videographer will capture those beautiful and intimate moments to make it timeless memories for life. You need to remember, there are no repeats!


2. Been there, seen that, done that

From a bad weather to fickle family members, seasoned wedding videographers have seen it all and are prepared for the worst. On the other side, an experienced wedding videographer will be in tune with what’s happening on your special day, the handsome groom, gorgeous bride, the beautiful smiles, exchange of vows and all the candid moments. They’ll be ready to film it within seconds before the moment even happens. You won’t miss a thing!


3. Resounding sound! 

When it comes to videography, unlike photography, we can record the sound. Duh! After decades, you will still be able to hear the sound of the laughter and joy of your family, the funny stories, the toasts, the vows, the voice of your father giving last advice to the groom before handing you off to him. Now wouldn’t you want to capture all this? 

Wedding Vows

4. I like to Move It Move It! 

Photographs are good but not as good as videos when it comes to displaying motions. Videos captivates more by capturing your facial expression, the hugs, the way the little flower girl drops off the flower petals down the aisle, how you held each other on your first dance and the funny dance moves by your guests. Let’s face it – beyond the tears and the sentiments of your father walking you down the aisle, is the fact of watching your dress walk down the aisle again and again. Photos don’t do justice to that!


5. #1 Bride regret

News flash! The number one regret for brides (not sure about the groom) is NOT having hired a good wedding videographer. Let’s put it like this, you need to make sure when you watch your wedding video, it reminds you of the beautiful memories of your special day and not a video of regret which reminds you how important videography is, was and always will be and wishing you’d spent a bit more on a better wedding videographer. 


You know what, I’ll throw out two reasons on why a wedding videographer would be a maybe. 

1. Selfie mode 🤳🏻

Nowadays the smartphones in our pocket come with pretty good camera resolution and quality which you might want to leverage on. Have your friends bring their smartphones to the wedding and film it all. Everyone can take loads of videos and post it out on your exclusive wedding Instagram page. Now that’s a cool way to show off your wedding. You’ll have the largest collection of videos that every wedding should have! BAM! Savings!

2. No paparazzi 🙅🏻‍♀️

Getting the best angles and shots means that photographers and videographers are always prancing around the aisle on the big day. YOUR BIG DAY. As many have certainly commented, “they were in the aisle for the entire ceremony” and “a distraction the whole day”. Don't want “traffic” when you’re walking down the aisle? Have it old school with zero coverage.


Keen to hire a wedding videographer? Give us a call. You know we've got your back!