5 Popular Countries for Wedding Photoshoots in 2019

Love me and the world is mine
— David Reed

Dreaming of an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot? Here at Chris Chang Photography, we love these photo shoots as much as our couples do! No matter how many times, the same location always offers something unexpected.

You might think why even bother with destination wedding photography? Well, for a few reasons. First being that a lot of couples feel limited and restricted with the same old, usual and common scenic spots in their home country. Most of us knows Singapore by the back of our hands, all 130 square kilometres of it. So getting hitched is a strong reason (excuse) to nail that dream destination together with your significant other. 

Secondly, it’s cost-efficient. Yes, you heard me right. With Airbnb, budget airlines and hiring a local photographer or videographer (That’s us!) you can keep the cost significantly low.

Lastly, who wouldn’t want to go for a holiday! You can turn this trip into a holiday and have a great time before, during and after the photoshoot.

Every country has its own unique flavour to offer, so here are 5 popular countries for wedding photoshoots 😍

Pre-wedding Photography in Japan by Chris Chang Photography

Pre-wedding Photography in Japan by Chris Chang Photography

1. Japan 🇯🇵

Now, who doesn’t love JAPAN?? From the charming streets lined up with traditional houses to the beautiful cherry blossoms, from the majestic pagodas to the Fushimi Inari Shrine, we can go on and on about Japan’s beauty. The tradition and rich culture of Japan puts a really unique taste into your wedding photographs. One of our favourites, dressing up in the traditional kimono and heading inside a 150-year old Japanese house in Kyoto for some amazing shots.

Spring and fall would be the best time to visit for the photoshoot. We and a lot of couples are fond of the culture and food (ah makes me hungry!) in Japan including the ability to beautifully display elegance and class over the traditional backdrops.

Did we mention the sushi's amazing? And so is the ramen, shabu shabu, sashimi, yakitori, coffee, tempura & tonkatsu.....🍜🍣🍖🍙🍤


2. New Zealand 🇳🇿

New Zealand happens to be voted the world’s best country and we couldn’t agree more. She has remarkable and famous cities like Auckland & Wellington in the north island and Christchurch & Queenstown down south. The incredible and varied landscape, along with the natural, rugged and wild scenery, it’s perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Also, not everyone gets to have their pre-wedding photoshoot on the filming site of The Lord of the Ring (Big fan here!). You’ll get to shoot across beautiful sceneries from Lake Tekapo with its famous Church of the Good Shepherd to the Matamata – Hobbitton.

Autumn in April is amazing with the place bursting with hot orange and golden yellow fall foliage. But the best thing about New Zealand, that all four seasons are nothing short of perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot, offering gorgeous backdrops no matter what the season. We happen to be heading there in April 2019. Hop on!

Pre Wedding Shot in New Zealand by Chris Chang Photography

Pre Wedding Shot in New Zealand by Chris Chang Photography

3. Bali

My personal favourite, Bali which also in recent years has become the No.1 destination for the pre-wedding photoshoot in Asia. Not surprising considering its natural beauty and accessibility. It’s a prevalent pick among the couples to take captivating photos for their pre-wedding photoshoot, ranging from the beautiful shorelines, the wonderful rice paddies, and the amazing volcanic mountains. Bali offers a very unique and diverse mix of options for couples.

The distinct temples and festivals offer you a truly unique experience throughout your stay. Resorts such as Ayana Resort (perfect for R&R) offers beautiful landscape and backdrops. Check out our sweet Bali wedding promotions for you! 

Pre-wedding Photography in Bali by Chris Chang Photography

Pre-wedding Photography in Bali by Chris Chang Photography

4. Slovenia

In the heart of Europe, I present to you Slovenia. It’s a rather small country which has much to offer. It’s friendly and sincere people, fine cuisine, tourist farms and spectacular ever-changing landscapes offer something for everyone. Also, called the Land of Love, this tiny country is hidden in the embrace of nature, with beautiful buildings, bridges, valleys, and mountains, making it an ideal pre-wedding photoshoot location. Don’t take my word for it, check out the photos for yourself. 

One of my favourites, Lake Bled which happens to be a popular site for the locals to have their wedding. This main landmark is a tiny island in the middle of the lake with a castle standing high on the rock. Beautiful in all four seasons, we are heading there in November 2019. So, let’s seal your love and lots of photos in these magical surrounding.

PS: Slovenia is the only country with “love” in its name. How about that!

Destination wedding photography from Slovenia by Chris Chang Photography

Destination wedding photography from Slovenia by Chris Chang Photography

5. Paris 🇫🇷

Paris, Je T'aime! It needs no introduction as to why it’s one of the most popular locations for pre-wedding photoshoots. Known for the iconic Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Versailles Palace and Notre-Dame cathedral, there’s so much more to offer in between these wonderful locations. We know a few secret streets!

Couples love to share kisses in front of the Eiffel tower and walk down the pristine streets holding hands. The night shots are an absolute stunner! We know your concerns about the photoshoot being challenging to plan around the crowds. Don’t you worry, we’ve got the ropes to do it right.

Travel wedding photography in Paris by Chris Chang Photography

Travel wedding photography in Paris by Chris Chang Photography

Getting married soon & love to have us for your pre wedding photography?

Check out our travel itinerary for 2019 below!

March - Japan (Cherry Blossom Season)
April - New Zealand
July - Bali
August - Santorini
October - Hokkaido
November - Slovenia
December - Paris