5 Popular Hotels for Weddings in Singapore

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
— When Harry Met Sally

Nothing says once-in-a-lifetime like a wedding in an amazing hotel. We are sure most of the couples if not all have come to this taxing question of, "Where should we get married?”.

Hotels have long been venues for bride and groom planning weddings. But now it’s not just about the ballroom that makes the cut, but so many other factors that come along to decide on the best venue for the wedding. We totally understand that this can be stressful. On a side note, wondering why the word “stress” appears in every wedding topic. We should write a blog on that.

Anyway, so to make it easier and help the couples out there planning their wedding, here are 5 popular hotels for weddings in lovely Singapore.


1. Fullerton Hotel

Singapore’s largest post office and the 71st National Monument, it doesn’t get better than this (Ok, it depends). The contemporary elegance mixed with the old charm makes it a unique venue for weddings, not to forget the amazing photos you’ll get to have.

We love the windows all around the venue bringing in the natural lights for the perfect shot. Her World awarded Fullerton Hotel as the winner for Venue Awards for 2016 and 2017. They have 5 variations of venues ranging from 50 all the way to 600 quests. The food is just amazing with Cantonese, Italian and French classics to offer.  

3 things couples love about Fullerton Hotel:

1. Great food (Right on top!)
2. Generous discounts (You’ll be surprised!)
3. Gorgeous location (Duh!)

Wedding photography Fullerton Hotel

2. Chijmes

Another national monument, which dates back to 1854 gives a Gothic 19th-century chapel with unique charm. Couples wanting a chapel-feel wedding definitely won’t be disappointed. We love the high ceilings, the beautiful chandelier, and the detailed stained glass window.

We’ve had great experiences doing photography for a lot of weddings in Chijmes. Personally, we love the space that it offers (No human traffic!). A perfect venue to accommodate 300 guests with natural light pouring into the hall. It’s built in with all the techs needed from Wi-Fi system to a sophisticated AV system. Selection of food is from a range of modern, western and Chinese cuisines with high standards from the banquet dining.

3 things couples love about Chijmes:

1. Central location (Right smack in the city center!)
2. Beautiful infrastructure (We love the tiles!)
3. Budget-friendly. (Can we have an AMEN!)

3. Shangri-La

Planning for a lavish wedding? Shangri-La might just be the one. Amazing indoor ballroom options and stunning outdoor beauty. Choose your pick! They have unique venues such as the outdoor Banyan Deck and the Dutch Pavilion bringing an old charm and elegant taste.

If you happen to have a lot of friends and family to invite, Shangri-La's got you covered. Its ballroom can accommodate up to massive 1000 guests. We just love to capture the beauty of the location with the beautiful couple here. The large space allows you to explore beautiful decorations and ideas.

3 things couples love about Shangri-La:

1. The flexibility (With all the changes that comes with a wedding!)
2. Lavish & classy style (Now who doesn’t like that!)
3. The massive space (I have a lot of friends!)

Wedding Photography Shangri-La

4. Grand Hyatt

You had me at Hyatt! That’s what they say. You might just fall for Grand Hyatt for your wedding when you visit it. What we love about Grand Hyatt is the variations it offers in terms of having an intimate wedding with just 10 guests or have a big one with 700 guests, it’s got it all.

They are known for their detailed execution of weddings with a strong emphasis on customer service. The offering covers a range of different cuisines like Chinese, Western, Indian and Malay menus. It has everything to offer and appeals to a couple’s individual taste and style. Our aim is taking photos in each of its 16 individual venues. That’ll be cool!

3 things couple love about Grand Hyatt:

1. The customer service (I wanna be taken care of!)
2. Attention to detail (Need help with that!)
3. Offerings (Spoilt for choices!)

Wedding Photography Grand Hyatt

5. Mandarin Oriental

If you want the perfect march in, book Mandarin Oriental now! They have an amazing sound system with beautiful interiors. With their offering of four themes to choose from which includes cutlery, flowers, lenis etc. it has something for everyone.

Our favorite is the gorgeous model wedding cake they offer which makes up for a lot of gorgeous snaps. With great reviews on their food, your guests will be thoroughly satisfied.

3 things couples love about Mandarin Oriental:

1. Fan-shaped ballroom (Fan-shaped, that’s right!)
2. State-of-the-art sound system (I wanna hear them beats!)
3. Customer service (Can’t miss this out!)

So it’s time to take your pick and we’ll be there. We know the address!