21 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

In the midst of engaging a wedding photographer but not sure where to get started? Fret no more!

Here at Chris Chang Photography, we are more than familiar with brides and grooms excited to find that right wedding photographer for their big day. 

More often than one hopes to, we may encounter a brain fart where we forget that ‘One Important Question To Ask’.

Hence we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to ask your potential wedding photographer, whoever it may be. (But we definitely hope it’s these guys!)

So bookmark this page, screenshot it, save it, copy it, do what you need to have this information ready for your initial meeting!

Wedding Actual day photography group shot

Essential questions to ask your Wedding Photographer:

(We’ve elaborated on questions that may not be self-explanatory)

1. Can you describe your Photography style?

In addition, you may wish to check out the photographer's portfolio to get a good idea of what you may like or not like.

2. Does my coverage have to be continuous?

For example, couples may have a ceremony in the morning and a dinner banquet. Hence being able to split coverage is essential. Better yet if your photographer is willing to accommodate reasonable changes in timing to be available for you where needed.

3. What if my wedding is split between 2 days?

4. What time will the photographer arrive?

Ask this as bridal makeup or morning preparation timing may vary.

5. How many photos will you take throughout the day?


6. Will you edit all my photos?

7. How will the final photos be delivered?

Important, especially if you would like a special wedding album. Photos for digital or social media and print need to be processed differently as well!

8. Do you provide prints in the package?

9. Do you provide wedding albums?

10. When can we expect to receive the final images?

11. Do you have a rate card?

12. What are your ongoing promotions or packages?

Be sure to inquire about validity and booking periods!

Wedding Photography Promotions!


Enjoy $300 off all wedding packages!

13. What are the payment terms like?

14. Are there any surcharges?

Some photographers may apply an additional fee for wee hour booking or additional coverage.

15. Do we need a secondary photographer?

16. Do you include Videography in your package?

17. Do you work with any bridal boutiques?

In case you're wondering, yes, we do work with Silhouette The Atelier!

18. Do you provide hair styling and makeup?

Yes we do as well!


Questions you’ve always wanted to know:

19. Should we consider studio photography?

20. Will you return all my wedding images in other file formats? 

If you or your partner have some background in photography, you may broach this topic. The answer is entirely subject to your photographer’s discretion.

21. Will you ‘Photoshop’ my photos for me?


So there we go!

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