About Chris Chang Photography

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Chris Chang


Founder & Managing Photographer

Our Vision is for Chris Chang Photography to be one of the best wedding photography teams here in Singapore. 

We believe that photography should come from the heart.

Pictures are not taken with a camera and lens but with our heart, soul & mind.

Our company was birthed out of a passion for photography, to capture life's precious moments.  

We provide Pre Wedding Photography, Actual Day Photography & Overseas Pre Wedding Photography.

We'd love to say many more wonderful things about ourselves but we would much prefer to meet up with you for coffee to chat more!

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Sean Ng

Photographer & Videographer

Sean started his photography journey as a street photographer during his student days. 

His main belief is that life is in a constant state of flux and aspires to capture those precious moments far and in between and enshrine them forever in history 

That passion to capture moments led him to take the path into wedding photography. He believes that weddings are precious because they contain true human emotional expression in its rawest form, expressed in the interactions between the couple and the ppl dearest to them. 

Photos speak a thousand words and Capturing such moments can not only frame these moments in history but also helps the viewer relive emotional memories.

Eventually, Sean ventured into videography because he wanted to also place these emotional still imagery into motion.

Sean's reputation as an auntie killer is well renowned. You can be rest assured that not only you as the client but your mom and aunties will be well taken care of on your wedding day!