Casual Pre Wedding Couple Shoot - David & Michelle


Featuring the U&I Photoshoot of Michelle & David. For the month of July we were doing a launch for our youtube channel and were doing a U&I Giveaway. We had an overwhelming response for it and had such a difficult time deciding who would win the shoot. Michelle and David won because the wrote a poem on why she would like to have the session. AN Actual Poem!

I am thankful for all the support from the couples who have entrusted us with their wedding as well as from everyone who enjoys the work which we do. We are glad to give back once in a while during our giveaways. 

Check it out below!

Here's a poem that I feel, captures the beauty and loveliness of a U&I photshoot:

The connection between my sweetheart and I
is one that goes beyond romance,
beyond friendship,
defying time, distance, 
and changes in our lives.

When I am with him,
it's like a tiny piece of the universe
shifts into place.
A place it's supposed to be,
and all is right with the world.

These things and so many more,
have made me understand
that this is a once in a lifetime,
forever connection.
A connection that could only exist
between us.

And deep in my soul,
I know that our relationship
is a rare gift.
One that brings us
extraordinary happiness
all through our lives.

But you know what, Chris? 
Something that will bring us extraordinary happiness, 
is to experience the magic and joy of
a photoshoot experience with you.