10 Tips to Avoid Becoming Bridezilla (Calming your Wedding Day Nerves)

Having wedding jitters? 😰

You are not alone!

Be it during the lead-up to or on your actual wedding day, you must first know that there are many other brides who, just like you, have encountered similar experiences.

Good news: you don't need to face it alone. πŸ˜‡

With hundreds of weddings under our belt, we've rounded up some big tips from brides and grooms alike. Lets sooth those anxious wedding day feels together! 

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1. List down your concerns

Last minute change in food selection or crying babies? Rank them according to how major or minor they are. For those that are out of your control (at the present moment or at all), hold it with a loose hand. Concern over your wedding photographer? Read on how to choose one! Keep your focus on the things that can be dealt with earlier so that you can check them off the list. Shorter list, lesser worries.

2. Rely on professional help

To put things into perspective, as wedding photographers, we attend minimally 1 wedding every week - that's 52 weddings a year. 😳

From families and friends so high you thought they were going to bring the house down, to a blessed union across diverse cultures and traditions, we've seen them all, both key moments and behind the scenes.

So trust us when we say it goes a long way to get to know your photographer. πŸ˜‰ We're here to make your wedding day as memorable as possible. Ask us and we are more than willing to share our experiences and tips with you.

3. Surround yourself with your loved ones

"Surround yourself with positive people and you'll be a positive person." - Kellie Pickler. Many times, such people can be found in our close family and friends. They are the ones who believe in you, cheer you on, and lift you up when you feel down or stressed out. Be around them, catch their positive spirit, and be encouraged!


4. Treat your bridesmaids & groomsmen well

These are the people you can count on, your lifelong bonds. Lending their professional strength, they take the place of a wedding planner to bring order to the chaos. Let them know how appreciative you are of them by taking them out for meals or doing activities. Who knows, you might also have a ton of fun matchmaking them! And oh, remember to thank them during your speech too.


5. Disliking the planning process doesn't make you are a bad partner

There! I said it. I believe many brides (and/or grooms!) have to hear this: not liking the planning process does not make you a horrible, ungrateful, <insert negative adjective> partner.

From the major processes to the littlest things, every detail adds up to a perfect wedding. However, being put in the limelight and needing to make a quick and good decision or state your opinion is always a tough spot to be in. And for someone who feels the nerves, most likely you are already someone who plans ahead.

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In such cases, communicate, show empathy, and most of all, cut yourself some slack. Remember: there aren't perfect weddings, but there are fun and memorable weddings.

Better yet, bring along someone whom you trust and knows you well enough to help you out!


6. Take time off, pamper yourself

When you feel overwhelmed in the midst of wedding planning, take time off to relax. Look at the bigger picture and remind yourself to have fun in the process. Get a massage, hang out with your friends, or even go for a ride with your family. Look through your pre-wedding photographs if you have taken them. If not, you can take a look at some here. Remind yourself of the positive emotions. Laugh at the little conflicts and take it easy on yourself.


7. Productivity apps to the rescue!

Checklists and calendar apps, mind you, are not just great for work.

With useful tools such as the Google Calendar or couple apps such as Between, it will be difficult to miss out on something important if you have locked them in.

Special highlight to couple app Between! (Not sponsored, but we welcome it!)

3 things we love about this app:

1. Create & document special events and memorable dates, in a photo journal style

2. Mark out dates memorable to the both of you with a countdown timer

3. Specific events are synchronised live on both you and your partner's app

From tracing back special dates to pulling out that oh-so-special photo for decoration, this apps got you fully covered.

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8. Reassure your future spouse

Often when you are under stress or anxiety, your behaviour and actions might cause unintentional hurt to your partner. A harsh word or an unpleasant tone can dampen moods and strain your relationship overtime if you are not aware of it. Make an attempt to reassure your partner that your current frustration does not equate to being unhappy about marriage. Tell them: β€œI am feeling agitated right now, but remember I still love you. Could you get me my favourite snack please?”



9. Use Pinterest for mood boarding your perfect wedding setup

This should be an open secret: Pinterest is the ultimate mood boarding platform.

Not sure where to start your wedding planning? With an abundance of free to use creative ideas, pin down dreamy or rustic decor inspirations or styling ideas to your heart's content! This can range from wedding decorations to makeup looks and even the types of food and gifts! Pinterest will definitely help you get the ball rolling.

10. Have a positive expectation of good

The famous saying goes, β€œBegin with the end in mind.” Expect good and do not focus on the negative. By believing that things will turn out well beforehand, half the battle is already won. Keep your mind on thoughts that are positive, uplifting, and delightful. Good things will come your way!


Despite feeling your present strong emotions, let me assure you that you are doing great. Believe me, you will love and enjoy your wedding day and the exciting days to come.


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