5 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Stop Doing

After compiling various shared experiences with other wedding photographers and videographers - including myself, here are some pointers we would appreciate you not to do.

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1. Expecting us to mind read

We wish we could. But we are unable to. Figuring out what you want before hiring a wedding photographer would definitely allow us to work together on a better level. You can always tell us the type of shots you would like to see, such as candid shots, family portraits, or even close-ups. Let us know what kind of photograph holds significance to you - because your wedding photographer will never know until you tell them so.


2. Insisting on replicating certain poses

Styled poses take a deliberate attempt, which often takes away the magic. Every couple and their body movement have their natural beauty. Your pre wedding photographer might not tell you, but he would have studied your facial features and contours.

Lighting, location, or simply height difference and natural body interaction between the couple makes some poses rather unflattering. So trust your photographer’s professional eye to know well what best compliments your partner and you.

Furthermore, styled poses look amazing, breathtaking, and picture-perfect – often possible of the professional modelling. We’ve realised wedding couples much prefer their shoots to natural and intimate while having fun in a casual laid back setting.


3. Panicking and being tensed

It is your big day and we fully understand the wedding nerves. According to a survey done by fearcourse.com, 71% of brides-to-be suffered from some type of nerves during the build-up to their wedding and 92% of brides experience nerves on the day of the wedding or the evening before. It is normal to feel anxious and tensed, but try not to get too caught up in it - remember to take a deep breath.

Part of why we (and couples) prefer overseas shoots is simply because couples are often too distracted by the beauty of the destination to pay attention to us or our shutter clicks. Shots from these locations are often natural and candidly beautiful.


4. Requesting for heavily Photoshopped images

Oh the wonders, and limitations, of Photoshop. I have come across a good number of people requesting for flawless images of themselves. Some common ones include bleaching of teeth, removal of bald spots, and tucking of tummy. Others went to the extent of asking non-present people to be photoshopped into the photo. There is a difference between tweaks and total manipulation.

We are for slight adjustments such as skin imperfections, hair frizz, or even ‘exit’ signs in the background. As much as we do understand your desire for perfection, especially for your wedding photographs, we want you to feel comfortable with yourself more. These photographs will follow you for a lifetime, and we want to capture images with true and raw emotions that you can look back on.

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5. Asking for RAW files

This is another famous request. Throughout my wedding photography journey, I have lost count of how many clients asking for me to give them every single image that was taken during the shoot. Though it might seem reasonable for wanting RAW and unedited versions of your photographs, it simply should not be the case.

“Asking a photographer to hand over a memory card, USB, or DVD of raw images is akin to asking an author to present you with their book in manuscript format: unedited, unformatted, and including the paragraphs and chapters that didn’t make it.” - Daniela Bowker.

You are paying for the finished product of your wedding photo package which includes the photographer applying all of his/her skills. And if you are thinking that unedited images will reduce your cost, we are afraid that that is not the case.

BONUS! Here are some tips that we, your wedding photographer, would love for you to do.

Happy Couple on Wedding Day

1. Share your expectations with your wedding photographer

Beauty is very subjective. One might like a certain shot while another might not. As your wedding photographer, we want to capture images that you would love to see. Thus, we would love for you to share your expectations with us before proceeding with the shoot. You can show us photos of yourself that you like and those that you do not. You can also tell us that you prefer smiling shots over wide-angle close-ups.

2. Enjoy the shoot!

Ultimately, the best photos are the ones where it captures you having fun. Be silly, get cake on your face, share laughter with your loved ones, have a good rest the day before. The more you are enjoying yourself and having a great time, the more your pictures will capture those emotions. Do not stress over the small details, it is one of the best days of your life. Cherish it and enjoy yourself!


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