First of many posts!

Hi Everyone, my name is Chris and this is my first official blog post on the revamped Chris Chang Photography Blog. Thought I begin with a big thank you for dropping by my blog. For this blog, I will share with you about my passion for photography from the perspective of a full time working photographer. We all love stories so here's mine. 

I picked up photography back in 2008 when was studying communications and new media in NUS. There was a course in photography and as there was no exams for that module I decided to take it up with my friends thinking that it would be easy. I borrowed my dad's prosumer camera, at that time a Panasonic FZ-1000. From that moment onwards I was hooked and soon pestered my dad to get a "professional" dslr for me. I remember heading to John 3:16 and being handed a Canon 1000D. From the first time I snapped the shutter, it was like magic. The hairs on my hairs arm stood on end and from then began my passion and love for the art of photography. 

Fast forward 7 years and many photos later, I have been working at a large MNC doing digital advertising sales for the past 6 years. It was a fantastic job where I learnt many things about advertising, sales and digital marketing. It brought me to countries like, London, Japan, Bangalore, KL, Sabah, Taiwan & Bangkok. Not least of all was that it provided me with a good and comfortable salary where I could comfortably support my family. During my stay at my job, I got married and had a beautiful daughter (currently 17 months old). Back in 2012, I was invited by my wife's close friend to be a secondary photographer for her wedding. I excitedly agreed wanting to experience wedding photography for myself. I have seen many nice wedding photography images online and for some reason they resonated with me more than any other genre of photography. During the wedding, I was completely immersed in the process, 10-14 hours of pure joy and enjoyment. By the end of the day, I was completely knackered, sweat dripping down my brows and aching from almost every conceivable place. But, I couldn't get enough of it. I guess that was when I decided that I would like to explore wedding photography further. Fast forward, 2 years later and many freelance weddings and pre wedding sessions. As I sat at my desk daily, there grew in me a desire to chase down my passion full time. It was a struggle as to go full time in photography would be to give up a comfortable job with a good salary for the saturated and unpredictable market of wedding photography. I discussed this many time with my wife and prayed about it on many occasions. It was not till March of 2015 where I decided to take the leap. At the time there were some major changes in my company which made me decide that it was finally time to venture out. 

At the time of writing, it been almost exactly a month I have been a full time photographer and I must thank God that I have been very blessed thus far. This blog shall be a regular update on the journey of someone who has taken a chance to chase after his passion =) It will also be a place where I share stories about the awesome weddings which I am going to document this year and perhaps other things as well. Thanks for dropping by and do leave a comment to say hi!


Chris Chang