Celebrating the Birth of Chrishaun

I have taken the month of march off work to welcome the arrival of my second child, Chrishaun. We had taken some additional time off earlier in the month to spruce up our new place before the arrival of baby were more or less done by the time he came along. It was the monday morning of 14 March 2016 and we (wifey and me) were discussing what to do with the day if she was the deliver later that week. We had intended to take the extra time to catch a movie and perhaps to catch up on shopping for various odds and ends to make our new home more conducive for baby. By early, morning however Hong Choo informed me that she was having regular contractions and for me to prep to head to the hospital. Unlike what you see on the television, the baby does not come immediately after the contractions begin. It is unlikely they she would for instance give birth en route to the hospital after experiencing her contractions. Having experience this for our first child, we calmly piled our daughter carabelle into the car to send her to school before heading to the hospital. When we checked into the delivery ward, the doctor informed us that our baby would be born by late afternoon.  

Here are some images which document the journey that morning as well as the first time our daughter carabelle met her little brother Chrishaun.