Most Epic Wedding Proposal ~ David x Ireen

As the title states, this is my recollection of perhaps the most epic Wedding Proposal in recent memory. This is none other than the wedding proposal of David & Ireen whom I had the privilege to document.  When the call came in from David asking me to help photograph his wedding proposal somewhere near riders cafe, I had though in my mind "Thats nice, he's going to propose at their favourite cafe." I agreed as and saw imagined a cosy setting where David would bring an unsuspecting Ireen to Riders cafe, have a nice meal followed by excusing himself to the restroom and returning and getting on a knee behind her with a diamond ring asking for her hand. I couldn't have been more wrong. Here's what really happened. 

I was making my way to riders cafe and as you know its a pretty winding road to the place. Parked on the side of the road were a couple of David's friends. It turned out that they were his videographers and they were setting up their gear in front of some thick foliage in front of a rather large tree. It was only when i pulled up beside them and asked that I realised what the plan really was. Ireen would be brought to the location on the pretext of scouting for a pre wedding shoot location for another couple (Jerald and Judy). Jerald and Judy would bring Ireen to the specified location. As they reach the tree, David would come riding behind them on a horse. (Mind blown) He would then dismount and approach the large tree with Ireen in tow. The tree would be decorated with handing tea lights in glass jars. In one of the jars would contain the ring which he would propose to Ireen with. 

The only thing which could have topped this amazing proposal plan would be the back story. David has taken the previous few months to travel to Malaysia to learn horse riding to prepare for his epic proposal. 

Here are the images which accompany the story of this Epic Wedding Proposal. Enjoy!