Reflecting on 2015

Hello everyone, this space has mostly been dedicated to posting up images from recent, wedding and photoshoots. For a change I thought I would like to take sometime to pen down some thoughts and also to tell you a little more my year both for the business as well as personally. 

This has been a year of change for me and I must say that thought it has had it lows, it has definitely been the best year in a long time. For those of you who don't know, though I have been shooting weddings professionally since 2012, it was only till this year where I decided to leave my full time job at a US MNC where I have worked for the past 6 years mostly as a Sales Manager (Yes, worked my day job during the week and did weddings during the weekends). Though I enjoyed my time at my company I have always desired to go full time as a wedding photographer. However, starting in 2012, I had just gotten married and shortly after in 2013 was expecting my first child. I didnt want to go through the risk of a big career change and hence put my plans to go full time on the back burner. Come 2014 - 2015, there were many changes at my company and it increasingly dawned on my that it was time for a career change. So in March 2015, I took the massive leap from the comfort of a regular salary to the weird and wonderful world of full time photography. As I didnt market my business actively when I had a day job, my calendar was relatively empty.  However, thank God for His blessings and for bringing wonderful clients across my path and slowly but surely, the second half of 2015 was fully booked. I am so thankful that I wake up everyday to do what I have dreamt of doing for the past 6 years. Being able to pick up my camera and document images which will eventually become family heirlooms is something which makes me spring out of bed even at the most unearthly hours. (Thus far my earliest is starting a shoot at 3am) 

Looking forward to 2016, I am stoked for the many things to come. Hoping to work even more closely with my trusted partners in the business and to build new relationships which will help me serve my couples even better. Will also be travelling to Kyoto in April to document a pre wedding during the cherry blossom season. Lastly and most importantly, I will be welcoming my second child! So thought I am passionate about wedding photography, I am even more passionate about my (growing) family so I hope to have more time with my wife and kids and to enjoy the flexibility of being a business owner. (Though for 2015, I have taken a grand total of 1 day off work often times working till late into the night 7 days a week to get my new business off the ground.)

For my next post I hope to post up 2015's retrospective photo gallery. It is dedicated to all the wonderful couples who have trusted in my to document their wedding day and have made my dream come true =)