Aaron & Sherlyn // Actual Day Wedding Coverage

Very pleased to share the wedding day coverage of Aaron and Sherlyn. When I met up with Aaron and Sherlyn before their wedding I didn't manage to ask what were their professions as we got pretty engrossed on other topics as well as the details of their wedding day. When I received their wedding day itinerary, I saw that there was going to be a military march in. That piqued my interest and I made a note to ask Aaron what did he serve as full time in the SAF. 

On the wedding day itself, as we were heading to the hotel garden for a shoot with the bridal party, I asked him about his vocation in the SAF. He mentioned that he was a pilot and that he flew the F-16. Wow! At the same time, one of the brothers chimed in that he was part of the SG50 fly pass. Double wow! I jokingly said that I wanted a photograph with him. (Too bad in the festivities of the wedding day I forgot to do so)  

haha but enough of my rambling, please enjoy the photos from their wedding day.